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An Exchange of Affections

37 minutes / 3 characters

The seasick apostle meets a stranger from Paphos on the deck of a small ship taking him to Lycia.

How those within the Body of Christ care for each other; evangelism.

The apostle Paul
Diomedes, a merchant
Luke, the physician (small part)

This play, more than possibly any other His Company script, will benefit from a complete set. It certainly can be produced with only two actors on a sparse stage, but will nonetheless be enhanced by a set denoting the deck of a small ship and, most especially, sound effects of waves, wind, and creaking timbers. Extras can also be employed as deck hands moving about lashing items down for the storm, hauling in the dinghy, etc.

As many as the Director wishes, depending on the set.

Evangelism The Body of Christ The Church Support Encouragement Brothers Sisters Paphos Ship Seasickness Paul Luke Diomedes Merchant An Exchange of Affections

PDF for Production (1879)
Plain Text for Review (1486)

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