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We are pleased to announce publication of a new, updated edition of our popular book on Christian drama, A Calling to the Stage: Performing with Excellence for the Lord. Both versions--for the director and actor--are now available.

Even if you already have a copy of the first edition of this guide to producing Christian drama, you will want to download this updated and expanded second edition.

Here's why...

- The original was published eight years ago. This edition has been updated to reflect our changing times, changing church paradigms, and economic inflation.
- A number of color photographs have been added, illustrating lighting equipment and costumes.
- A new Emphasis has been added in Part Four which contains the journal of a brand new actor experiencing the His Company rehearsal and performance techniques for the first time.
- More and improved explanatory graphics.
- A deeper, more detailed Table of Contents,
- and the book is now Indexed!
- 330 pages of helpful, inspiring information for the believing director and actor. (the Actor's Version has 173 pages.)

As before, the book may be printed in either color or black and white--and is best used in printed form. But with the new, interactive Table of Contents and Index (clickable references), the book becomes even more useful as an in-computer reference, as well.

A Comparison of the two Editions



A Calling to the Stage is a book for those involved in Christian drama—be they directors of an independent group, an actor in the local church, or the music minister who seasonally directs actors in his or her musicals.

There is no charge for either version: both books are immediately available for downloading, in their entirety.

A Calling to the Stage is published in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) form. This means that you download the file(s) to your local hard drive, then print them out on your own printer. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary for printing or viewing the files. If you do not already have it, visit the Adobe web site to obtain your free copy.

Both books are copyrighted, so when printing them for your use, please keep all pages—and especially the copyright page—together.

Philosophy Behind the Separate Versions

The Director's Version contains all chapters in all four Parts:

Part One: The His Company Way
Part Two: A Director's Guide
Part Three: An Actor's Guide
Part Four: The Next Level

The Actor's Version does not include Part Two, two chapters from Part One, and two chapters from Part Four. Of course, anyone is free to download either edition, but the idea is that the local director would download both editions, print the Director's for himself, and print multiple copies of the Actor's for those in his drama group. Indeed, the Actor's Edition makes an excellent manual for the director to use in training those in his or her group.


Director's Version (2nd Edition) (755)
Actor's Version (2nd Edition) (631)


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