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I Never Called Him Lord

5 minutes / 1 character

I Never Called Him Lord is the most dynamic and gripping of the 12 disciple sketches. Judas Iscariot addresses the audience from Hell—and those on the front pew will never be the same.

The tortured remains of Judas Iscariot cry out from their eternity. The devil's pawn. His best man. Once paid handsomely for his deceit, he now is paying with his soul in torment. Hear the voice of one who made the wrong choice. Heed his wisdom. (from Program Notes)


I never called Him "Lord." My highest praise for Him was "Rabbi." I never gave Him control over my life, my being. I always held some back. And by holding some back I gave entrance to Satan himself. My pride would not allow me to give it all to Jesus—to let Him be my Lord. (Judas)

Judas Iscariot

Judas should be dressed in ragged, almost shredded, clothing. He should have a grave-like pallor. (Don't just slap Clown White on his face; use an under layer of Forest Green for a green-around-the-gills look.)

I Never Called Him Lord Judas Iscariot Hell Despair Repentance Lordship Anger Torment Rabbi

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