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Coming Home

Important Note: When our musical scripts were first written, the choral and accompaniment music for which they were written were current and available. But Christian music literature has a brief shelf life; it goes out of print quickly. (We do not compose music, but write dramatic scripts that work with existing published music literature.)
Rather than remove our scripts because the associated music literature may no longer be available, we have opted to give our users the opportunity to either locate the original music on their own, or substitute music of their own choosing.
Do not plan on using one of our musical scripts until you have made this decision.

The information below includes everything we know about the music literature originally used for this musical. Nothing is gained by writing us for more.

90 minutes / 17 characters

Time: July 4, 1943
Place: Outside the All Saints Community Church in Alden, Iowa

Lieutenant Daniel Patterson has just returned home from the war. More than a year earlier he had been the pastor of the small All Saints Community Church in Alden, Iowa. Then he had felt God's call to become a chaplain in the army, and serve a different flock. But Daniel has returned badly wounded—both in body and spirit.

He is now angry with God, who he believes let him down in battle, and he is doubting his call. But through the wise and patient counsel of an old friend, and the welcoming grace of his flock, Daniel is restored to a position of leadership in the Lord's service.

Coming Home is an ambitious musical that will tug at the heartstrings and fill the soul with the joy of belonging to a God who loves His children no matter how far they may stray from Him.

Production Notes

  • Please note that this musical is longer than most—just about 90 minutes with songs and dialogue.
  • While it is not essential to its production, this musical is a sequel of sorts to our earlier musical, A New Hope, which takes place in 1933.
  • Copious background notes for Lieutenant Patterson and others are included in this script.

Lieutenant Daniel Patterson, Chaplain USA
Meredith Patterson, his wife
The Patterson's son (non-speaking)
Bertha and Edith Crowley
Frank Miller, member of church
Edna Miller, his wife
John Foster, Elder
Harlan Garrett, member of church leaving the community
Portia Garrett, his wife
Ilene Jenkins
Theodore Krueger
Elisabeth Krueger, his wife
Patty Krueger, their daughter
Earl Hollings

Music Notes
This His Company script has been written to be used with the following music literature. All songs are from Songs for the Soul-winning Church: The Very Best of Mike Speck, Compiled by Mike Speck. WORD Music.
Choral Book:
0 80689 33217 3 / 301 0409 01X

Compact Disc:
0 80689 62622 7 / 301 0522 592

CD Trax Split:
0 80689 64512 9 / 301 4458 589

CD Trax Stereo:
0 80689 64612 6 / 301 4459 585

Studio Orchestration:
0 80689 33567 9 / 301 0850 255

WORD's toll-free Order number at this writing: 1-888-483-0014-or go to WORDMUSIC.COM

Songs Used:
If God Be For Us
Great is the Glory
It's Still the Cross
I Go to the Rock
I Go to the Rock (reprise)
He's the Only King
He's an On-time God
He Still Reigns
You're Still Lord
I've Got Joy
I've Got Joy (reprise)
Sold Out Medley

WW2 World War II Chaplain Midwest Musical Revival Anger Spirit All Saints Community Church Alden, Iowa Angry with God Lieutenant Pastor Stray Joy World War I WW1 Coming Home

PDF for Production (1928)
Plain Text for Review (1429)

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