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8 minutes / 1 Character

Dimensions is a flexible monologue for Moses: Flexible in that it can be used to illustrate the historical moment and character of the man, or it can be used to emphasize a more universal point.

The time frame for this monologue is just after his burning bush experience. In it the man Moses expresses the evolution of greatness in his life. Born into subjection, he was raised in royalty, but then in middle age was reduced to the lowly, earthy life of a shepherd. Thinking he could go no lower, at the bush the Lord God demonstrated he could, and, as a consequence, Moses learned the truth about servanthood—and Lordship.

God's holiness; servanthood; Lordship; Obedience

"I suddenly realized that whatever stature I had remaining was nothing next to His. This voice belonged to the God of all eternity, and next to Him I was nothing. Someday people will ask why I obeyed. someday people will wonder why I didn't just turn away and return to my flocks. I may have a different answer by then—after I've completed the task He's assigned me. But right now—with the smell of His presence still in my nostrils—right now I would answer that I obey because I must. There is no other choice. He is holy, you see. And I am not. There's room for only one God, and the position has already been filled. And if He selects me to serve Him—in spite of who I am—then. I have no choice but to obey." (Moses)


Dimensions Moses Holiness Servanthood Lordship Obedience

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