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Communion: Five Monologues... for Easter

The five pieces in this collection—monologues by the apostle John, Mary Magdalene, and two monologues by the apostle Peter, along with a monologue/conversation of Joseph of Arimathea with Nicodemus—can be used either individually or as a unified whole. Separately, they could be used to illustrate a sermon, Bible study, choir anthem, or other special music. They could also be inserted into a larger production, such as an Easter musical. Used together, they portray the thoughts, regrets and joys of those closest to Jesus at the time of His death, burial, and resurrection. They are included in this script in roughly chronological order, so, if performed all at the same time, should be presented in this order.

The realization of what Christ did for each of us in His ultimate sacrifice upon the cross.

Apostle John
Apostle Peter
Joseph of Arimathea
Mary Magdalene

Apostle John Apostle Peter Nicodemus Joseph of Arimethea Mary Magdalene Jesus Easter Crucifixion Suffering Sacrifice Place of the Skull Golgotha Jerusalem Calvary

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