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15 minutes / 3 characters

Family is based on the first eighteen verses of the book of Ruth.

Family love; unselfish devotion to another.

Naomi, widowed wife of Elimelech; in her mid-60's. Naomi is a woman at once at peace with her station and harboring great bitterness in her heart because of the turn her life has taken. She is capable of perfect, compassionate love toward her daughters-in-law; she is equally capable of a disturbingly morose anger toward Jehovah.

Ruth, widowed wife of Mahlon, elder son of Naomi; in her 30's. Ruth is the quintessential embodiment of unselfish love. She never places her own needs above those of her companions. There is a staggering purity to the love she has for Naomi.

Orpah, widowed wife of Chilion, younger son of Naomi; in her 20's. Orpah, too, has a deep love for her mother-in-law, but it is a love tempered by the impetuousness of her youth. She was not married as long as Ruth or Naomi, and is therefore less attached to the past than she is to the possibilities of the future.

Production Notes
The scene is the outskirts of the land of Moab. The boundary for Moab is the Zered River; on the other side is the land of Judah. The three have been traveling together, but now, before the river is crossed, it is time for Ruth and Orpah to return to Moab and resume their lives. Naomi intends to cross the river alone, to return to her homeland, Judah, and the city of Bethlehem.

The set for Family could be kept basic: several "rocks" for the women to rest upon. These could be set pieces constructed to look like real rocks or as simple as carpeted blocks to blend with the church platform.

The three women are traveling through rugged, desert territory. They must have sandals on their feet and would be carrying two or three satchels with their provisions of bread, water, possibly some fruit. Naomi's first speech, after sitting down, would be a good opportunity for Orpah and Ruth to break out some of their provisions. All three should have walking sticks for the journey. Remember, even though Ruth and Orpah are presumably not going the distance with Naomi, they still have come a considerable distance and would have provisions.

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