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The Fog

15 minutes / 2 characters

Time: Today
Place: Central Park, New York City

A young business woman is on her way to a quick lunch with her fiance when suddenly she finds herself lost in a thick fog. Having no idea where she is, or why she is there, she happens upon a mysterious—sometimes irritating—stranger in Central Park. The man seems to persist in speaking in riddles, confounding the impatient woman—who only wishes to find her way out of the fog. Eventually, however, the woman comes to understand who the man is—and why he is there

The Fog is a modern fable about how easy it is for anyone to find themselves in a Spiritual fog, lost, and set apart from the One who, at one time, we used to know so well.

Set, Props
In keeping with most His Company scripts, The Fog is highly portable, requiring no set, or props beyond those carried in with the woman.

Woman - a harried business woman, dressed in a business suit, and carrying a leather briefcase and purse.
Man - a man at least a little older than the woman, dressed casually but neatly.

The Fog Business Woman Mystery Riddles Spiritually Dry God Holy Spirit New York Central Park Deli Fiance Busy

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