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Going Home

7 minutes / 2 characters

The Time: 39 days after the resurrection
The Place: Nazareth

James, brother of Jesus, is hard at work, struggling in vain to escape the recent turn of events. The death by crucifixion of his brother was difficult enough, but word of his resurrection has left James hopelessly confused and troubled.

Even though Jesus lived on this earth as a man, His real home is in heaven with the Father; if we are His followers, heaven is also our true home.

Production Notes
Some people have questioned the premise of this sketch; therefore, I have included below the scriptural basis for my license.

  • Matthew 13:54-58
  • Mark 3:21
  • John 7:3-5
  • 1 Corinthians 15:7
  • Galatians 2:7-9
  • The book of James

James, brother of Jesus
Christ Jesus

James enters carrying a plane or saw; onstage is a rude support, upon which rests a roughly formed plank of wood.

Resurrection Going Home Jesus Christ James Brothers Belief Heaven The Father

PDF for Production (1916)
Plain Text for Review (1630)

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