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A Greater Love

5 minutes / 2 characters

Thaddaeus has just returned to Nazareth—five days after the crucifixion of Jesus. For the moment, he is confused and saddened by the death of his Master. His wife, Keren-Happuch, considers this a perfect opportunity to pry her husband loose from what she has seen as a most foolish occupation.

Thaddaeus is a quiet, thoughtful man who chooses his words deliberately; Keren is a woman of abrasive opinion—and thoroughly opposed to the teachings of Christ.

One of our most popular and dynamic sketches, A Greater Love is replete with dramatic tension, exploring the dynamics of a household divided by one member's allegiance to Christ.

Our love for the Lord must be greater than our love for any other (Matt. 10:37).

Production Notes
This sketch will wake up the audience. Keren is a bitter, spiteful woman who detests everything Jesus represents. A Greater Love packs a lot of intense drama into a short sketch.

None are required; Keren could be given some domestic prop, but it is not necesary.

Keren-Happuch (his wife)

Devotion Allegiance to Christ Husband Wife Marriage Anger Cynicism Confusion Matthew 10:37 A Greater Love Crucifixion Resurrection

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