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An Impossible Life

30 minutes / 2 characters and Narrator

Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus—and what seems to many to be His impossible birth.

One person who has remained skeptical about the things of God is Naomi, who runs the house where the aged apostle John rents a room. The tiny island of Patmos—to which John has been exiled—is where they live, and the absentminded apostle and his feisty landlady mix it up on an almost daily basis.

One day, however, Naomi presents John with an opportunity to tell her the story about an impossible birth that happened so long ago in the town of Bethlehem—and the miraculous life that followed.

NOTE: This script, An Impossible Life, is the non-musical version of our Musical Resource, Glorious Impossible.

Christmas; the "impossible" life of Jesus Christ

The apostle John (very old)
Naomi, his middle-aged landlady

The set for this production can be as simple or elaborate as the director desires. For the inaugural production the set consisted of a small, crude table and stool, with various set pieces scattered about for flavor. Pictures are included in the script.

There are only two required props: a wooden stylus (writing instrument) and a small, rolled parchment. Pictures are included in the script.

Both John and Naomi live in a rough, rural area, and neither are wealthy. Their clothing would reflect this.

Christmas Musical Apostle John Island of Patmos Landlady Bethlehem Salvation Impossible Life Jesus Christ

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