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Is This the End?

Important Note: When our musical scripts were first written, the choral and accompaniment music for which they were written were current and available. But Christian music literature has a brief shelf life; it goes out of print quickly. (We do not compose music, but write dramatic scripts that work with existing published music literature.)
Rather than remove our scripts because the associated music literature may no longer be available, we have opted to give our users the opportunity to either locate the original music on their own, or substitute music of their own choosing.
Do not plan on using one of our musical scripts until you have made this decision.

The information below includes everything we know about the music literature originally used for this musical. Nothing is gained by writing us for more.

Musical: 35 minutes / 2 characters, with choir
One-act: 20 minutes / 2 characters

This script is offered in two versions: a musical with choir, and a non-musical one-act. Both scripts are available for download at the bottom of this page. Also available for download below is a PDF containing our cover artwork that you may use for programs or publicity.

The Time: Late Friday night, after the burial of Jesus
The Place: Garden of Gethsemane

The disciples (and brothers), James and John have sought refuge in the Garden of Gethsemane shortly after the burial of Christ. The two disciples find themselves in utter limbo: What now? With Jesus dead and buried, do they now just go back to their fishing nets? What did it all mean? What was it all for?

The cross was the gateway to a new life in Christ.

Music Information
The four choral songs used in this Good Friday musical are by Ruth Elaine Schram (http://choralmusic.com/). These songs are...

- Garden of Tears
- Eyes of Heaven
- Tapestry of Darkness
- It's All About the Cross

All are available, with downloadable demos, at http://choralmusic.com/. Some Trax are available, but we recommend simple, acoustic piano for this production.

We strongly recommend that you verify the availability of choral books, Trax, or studio orchestration before deciding to produce this musical.

James John Disciples Good Friday Easter Garden of Gethsemane Crucifixion The Cross Death Burial Uncertainty

Musical PDF for Production (1114)
Non-musical PDF for Production (1105)
Scaleable art as PDF (693)

(Download: right-click / View: left-click)

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