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The Light

7 minutes / 4 characters

The Light is a humorous Christmas sketch about the wise men. We happen upon them in the middle of their long journey—only to discover that not one of them falls into the neat, plastic category assigned them in our popular versions of the nativity. They are men of three distinct personalities—of which none is particularly agreeable. They have not yet completed their quest, so are not sure what lies at its end. They are opinionated, short-tempered, and badly in need of a referee.

This humorous sketch makes an excellent addition to any Christmas musical or longer play.

The true identity and purpose of the Messiah: "The 'light' that my people await is not illumination, but salvation. That is what the Messiah brings."

The three "wise" men:
Marsena is a skeptic and worrier, always fretting over the unknown.
Zethar is a mystic, speaking only in vague riddles or confusing epigrams.
Haman is an arrogant, pompous twit.
Their manservant, Hatach.

Production Notes
This sketch is intended to be used as a transitional piece in a larger production. By that we mean that it is not meant to stand alone, as a separate play, but to be used to help flesh out the wise men characters in a larger play or Christmas musical. For example, if the church is doing a musical drama that includes only a song for the wise men, or only a scene in which the wise men bring their gifts to the stable, this sketch could be inserted earlier in the production to add greater depth to their characters.

The set requires a fire (fire ring), instructions for which are included in the script.

Bags, walking sticks, etc.—appropriate for four men on a long journey.
Leather satchel
Several "old" scrolls

Wise Men Magi Christmas The Light Sketch Blindness Arrogance Mysticism Journey Trip Fire Travels Traveling Messiah Salvation Illumination

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