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We use the term "musical resources" to emphasize that we do not compose music. For these scripts we have begun with previously published music literature--a collection of related songs, a commercial musical (containing narration or drama a client wished to replace), or have compiled ourselves a collection of individual songs--then we have created a brand new package based around these songs.

On every subsequent page in this category we include the following warning, but it is too important not to include it here as well.

Important Note: When our musical scripts were first written, the choral and accompaniment music for which they were written were current and available. But Christian music literature has a brief shelf life; it goes out of print quickly.
Rather than remove our scripts because the associated music literature may no longer be available, we have opted to give our users the opportunity to either locate the original music on their own, or substitute music of their own choosing.
Do not plan on using one of our musical scripts until you have made this decision.

The information on every musical resource page includes everything we know about the music literature originally used for this musical. Nothing is gained by writing us for more.

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