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To a New Life Born

10 minutes / 2 characters

This sketch is a fleshing out of John 3, wherein Nicodemus has an audience with Jesus. The sketch ends (optionally) with Nicodemus singing If I Follow Jesus. (see below)

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If I Follow Jesus
Have I met Messiah? I want to believe,
but the other Pharisees tell me He's out to deceive.
Everything I've heard Him say and
all I've seen Him do, make it hard to doubt
that what His followers say is true.

If I follow Jesus, what will the people say?
Will I be able to bear it
If my family turns away?
If I follow Jesus, the thought makes me afraid.
But my soul keeps crying:
Please don't turn away.

He wants a decision, but what am I to do?
Risk my life and reputation on what He says is true?
I don't know where He's going,
But He says that He's The Way.
And though it breaks my heart to leave,
I know that I can't stay.

(from The Old Rugged Cross by John Lee; words and music by David Baroni and Niles Borop)

Christ Jesus

To a New Life Born John 3 Jesus Nicodemus Spirit Belief The Way Sacrifice Heaven Son of Man Son of God Father

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