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No Man Condemns You

3 minutes / 1 character


This short piece is a modern re-telling of the scene from John 8:2-11, where Jesus is presented with the woman caught in sin.

Imagine, if you will, a modern setting for this story from John's Gospel. Imagine Jesus walking the earth in our time, instead of almost 2,000 years ago. And imagine this woman feeling the stones of our own hypocrisy and the loving forgiveness of the Savior.

Hypocrisy, Grace and Forgiveness

A contemporary woman addressing the church body

No set or props are necessary for this monologue.

The woman is in modern dress, Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes—but just a little on the tacky side, as if she has not totally abandoned her earlier manners of dress. Maybe she is wearing a little too much makeup; maybe she has done her hair in a way that makes her look a little like a floozy; maybe her skirt is a little too tight, or too short; maybe her colors are on the loud side for a Sunday service.

No Man Condemns You John 8:2-11 Hypocrisy Forgiveness Picnic Woman Past Reputation

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