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This is our site for Christian Drama. You are also invited to our site for devotionals and Bible Studies. There you may read and/or download our weekly Reflections by the Pond and access our Archives of over twenty-five years of devotional resources.
All free to download and use without cost.

Did you know...?

We offer A Calling to the Stage, a book for those involved in Christian drama—be they directors of an independent group, an actor in the local church, or the music minister who seasonally directs actors in his or her musicals. This free how-to manual is published in two editions—one for the director and one for the actor. Each may be printed for your use, but with the new, interactive Table of Contents and Index (clickable references), the book becomes even more useful as an in-computer reference, as well.

Please check out this invaluable resource for church drama at A Calling to the Stage.

Regarding (the absence of) New Scripts

Some visitors who frequent this web site may wonder why new plays, musicals, etc., are not published on a more regular basis. The answer is simple when one understands the original purpose of not only this site (His Company drama), but our devotional site, as well...

A Brand New Bible Study

At our devotional site we have just published our teaching notes for a 35-session, narrative study of Ezra-Nehemiah, entitled Rebellion, Restoration, Revival. A reference booklet for the class is included. Both the class notes (140 pages) and the booklet are in the PDF format, and are included in the ZIP download. Remember: This and all of our resources are available free of charge, offered to the glory of God.
Go to: Bible Studies

New Bible Study at our Devotionals Site

We have just published our verse-by-verse study notes for the epistle/sermon Bible book known as Hebrews. The overarching theme of this book is the preeminence, or superiority, of Jesus the Christ. Suitable for private study, or teaching a class, these notes are available as a downloadable PDF file (233 pages). Remember: This and all of our resources are available free of charge.
Go to: Bible Studies

Is This the End? Final Version


We are pleased to announce publication of the final version of our newest musical/play, Is This the End? This final version has been updated to include the inevitable improvements that occur during the rehearsal process, and more production notes.

We have also added a non-musical, one-act version that does not use a choir. Finally, we are making available a downloadable PDF of the cover art, that you can use in programs or other publicity...

Our New Script for Good Friday!

We are pleased to announce the publication of Is This the End?--a brief musical for Good Friday.

Normally we do not publish a new work until it has been at least rehearsed and, preferably, performed. But considering the alarming proximity of Easter weekend this year, we wanted to get this out immediately...

Good Friday Coming Along

Just a brief note here for those who are considering using this new script this year.

The first two of four scenes are completed, and writing is proceeding on the third. This evening is our reading session for the two scenes...

Progress Report: Good Friday Script

The demands of the Christmas cantata that Linda and I produced this year limited the work we could do on the new script for Good Friday. But with the Christmas performance in the history books for another year, we can turn full attention on the Resurrection weekend.

The earlier article stated that for Good Friday this year we are combining four songs by Ruth Elaine Schram with a new monologue by the apostle John. In recent days the monologue has morphed into a dialogue. The monologue just wasn't working, so now it will be John and his brother James--which is working much better.

To pique your interest I include a rough draft (still needs some tweaking) of the new first scene below. Here it is:

New Christmas Narration Elements

We have just added six new Narration Elements for Christmas. Click on the tab, above, or go here.

Advance Notice

We would like to give you advance notice of a new piece we are working on for next Easter—specifically, Good Friday 2013. We are writing something brand new to work with a handful of choral songs by Ruth Elaine Schram (http://choralmusic.com/) for our Good Friday service. Those songs are...

- Garden of Tears
- Eyes of Heaven
- Tapestry of Darkness
- It's All About the Cross

The tone and texture of the entire production will be on the "darker" side, focusing on Christ's sacrifice on the cross, reserving the brighter material for Sunday morning.

The plans are at this point to write a new monologue for the apostle John...

A New Resource for You

We are pleased to announce a brand new His Company resource. Click on the tab above to visit our new category of dramatic resource: "Narration Elements".

Here you will find bits and pieces of narration--some from existing scripts, some brand new--ready for you to add to any musical, dramatic production, or worship service...


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