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A New Resource for You

We are pleased to announce a brand new His Company resource. Click on the tab above to visit our new category of dramatic resource: "Narration Elements".

Here you will find bits and pieces of narration--some from existing scripts, some brand new--ready for you to add to any musical, dramatic production, or worship service...
As you know, there has been a paradigm shift in the last two decades; choirs (hence musicals) are going the way of the dinosaur. Fewer churches are performing big musicals (or even simpler cantatas) because, without a regular choir singing on Sundays, they haven't the reliable personnel to stage such a thing. More than that, many churches no longer even have year-round music staff, which also reduces the possibility of larger productions.

Our new "Narration Elements" offers a flexible solution for churches of any size or type. The narration can be plugged into cantatas, musicals, Sunday morning anthems, or used in support of special music of any type or the Sunday sermon.

We will be adding more material in this new area on a regular basis. So whenever you need just a little something to punch up a production of any size, come here. We have also made it easier for you: no download necessary. Just copy and paste the text from the web page to your word processor. Visit "Narration Elements" now.

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by Dr. Radut.