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The Mystery of God's Love

1.5 minutes / 2 narrators

The Mystery of God's Love


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Narrator 2
In a world of slippery morals and changing values--

Narrator 1
--in a world of shifting sand, where there is little we can depend on--

Narrator 2
God's love, expressed in Jesus Christ, is faithful and true. We can count on it. We can depend on it.

Narrator 1
For those who live in this world, Easter can be filled with mystery--even confusion. It is the story of blood sacrifice, of suffering, of death--
and then, of resurrection.

Narrator 2
It is a story of grace unmerited, of love undeserved.
But throughout all the story... is Jesus. He is the one who suffered the ridicule, the physical pain, the separation from His Father.

Narrator 1
He is the one who bled and died for sins of which He was never guilty.
And He was the one who rose victorious from the grave.

Narrator 2
It is Jesus who left the purity of heaven to become our Savior. He gave Himself for us--for anyone who will believe in His name.

Narrator 1
And that is why we know He loves us. That is why we know Him as Lord and God.

Narrator 2
That is why we know--He lives.

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