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Advance Notice

We are painfully aware that months may go by with seemingly little activity taking place here. One reason for that is, of course, that week after week we are kept busy writing our devotional, Reflections by the Pond, as well as deep in study and preparation for the adult Sunday School class we teach each Sunday.

A second reason is that we do not write dramatic scripts just to be doing it. Our scripts are always produced as the result of a specific commission, or for an upcoming (usually seasonal) performance in our own local church. But rest assured that we are always at work, and everything we write will be made available here at the His Company site.

That is not, however, our reason for posting this article.

Our purpose here is to give you advance notice of a new piece we are working on for next Easter—specifically, Good Friday 2013. We are writing something brand new to work with a handful of choral songs by Ruth Elaine Schram (http://choralmusic.com/) for our Good Friday service. Those songs are...

- Garden of Tears
- Eyes of Heaven
- Tapestry of Darkness
- It's All About the Cross

The tone and texture of the entire production will be on the "darker" side, focusing on Christ's sacrifice on the cross, reserving the brighter material for Sunday morning.

The plans are at this point to write a new monologue for the apostle John. The setting will be the Garden of Gethsemane, where John has returned just after the crucifixion (and taking care of Jesus' mother). Here he works through the traumatic events just transpired. The idea (at this writing, at least) is to make it less a soliloquy to the audience than a conversational prayer to Jesus.

The length of the monologue by itself will probably be around 15-20 minutes. Our plan is, as well, to make every effort to have this new script completed in time for others to use it in 2013. So stay tuned. As soon as the script is completed we will publish an announcement here. If you are interested, you might subscribe to the RSS feed (to the right), so you receive notice of the announcement.

As always, our work is made available without charge, to the glory of God alone.


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