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The Despot and the Innkeeper

2 minutes / 2 narrators

Setting up a scene taking place, or a song about, the Innkeeper in Bethlehem.

Originally from
Vacancy / There's Room in My Heart (musical)


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Narrator #2
Bethlehem was a small, inconspicuous town lying just short of a day's journey south of the city of Jerusalem. It was a sleepy little village, tucked away and forgotten by most; nothing flashy, a bit disheveled.

Narrator #1
Few people ever visited by choice. Time and trends had passed it by, disregarded and even held in contempt by some--until one day the mighty despot called for a census to be taken of all the people in all his conquered lands.

Narrator #2
In the village was a small inn, unimpressive and tattered, worn down by time, home for the village innkeeper and his wife and son.

Narrator #1
From the large room facing the street they conducted their business. This room more than any other was home for the innkeeper as he welcomed new guests and dispensed with the old.

Narrator #2
The mighty despot was Caesar Augustus; and the village innkeeper was called Simon.

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