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The Magi's Greatest Gift: Worship

30 seconds / 2 narrators

Setting up the Magi (Wise Men)

Originally from
Vacancy / There's Room in My Heart (musical)


Don't get hung up on the character labels in this piece. They can be called anything you like, used in any sort of situation.

Christmas God Light Birth Jesus Christ Savior Baby Bethlehem Bethlehem Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh Son of God Heart Magi Wise Men

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Visitor #2
And finally the wise men came to give him honor. Visitors from faraway lands, they sought the one announced by the glory of heaven.

Visitor #1
They came with their gifts: Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh... But the greatest gift they brought was their worship. Before all, they acknowledged that this was indeed the Messiah--the Son of God.

Visitor #2
And once again, Jesus the Christ entered the hearts of men. Those who earlier had worshiped the charts of stars and crystal balls, opened their hearts to the child of the Holy Spirit.

Visitor #1
They now worshiped the Savior--incarnate God--and their lives would be forever changed.

Copyright 2000 David S. Lampel. All rights reserved.
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