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An Ancient Part of Himself

3 minutes (approx) / 1 narrator

A good closer for a Christmas production.

Originally from
Vacancy / There's Room in My Heart (musical)


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(to the audience)
The longing of the human heart is for it to be filled. Man is born with the knowledge that there is something beyond himself, and he lives with the desire to fill up his emptiness with it. But the vacancy can't be filled with just anything.


From the beginning God built into man a "God-space"--a place in his heart perfectly shaped to hold the Spirit of his Maker. Here God would come in and make Himself at home, to commune and fellowship with His creation, to listen and whisper words of wisdom. Man's God-space identified his ownership; no other god would fit there. So man entertained no other spirit as a replacement.

But one day, in a moment of rebellion, man's God-space went empty. That place in his heart fashioned and shaped to fit the Spirit of God remained, but now there would be no tenant. Man did, however, gain some new wisdom in the bargain: he now knew he was alone. From that moment in the Garden, all the children--children from the world's second generation until world's end--would enter the world alone, separated from the God who had given them breath.


After many centuries of men and women being left on their own to struggle back up to fellowship with their Maker, after many centuries of empty discipline and vain imaginings meant to replace the sweet communion they had once enjoyed, God looked down upon His people and expressed hope in the form of a tiny child.

He sent down to them, not a new creation, but a very ancient part of Himself in the shape of man. He who dwells outside of time and space, He who holds eternity in His hand came down to dwell, for a while, among those who carried around inside them an empty space into which His Spirit would fit.

And once again man could know fellowship with his Maker. He could walk with Him, listen to His quiet counsel, commune with Him. Once again man's God-space could be filled with its intended occupant.

Copyright 2000 David S. Lampel. All rights reserved.
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