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Our New Script for Good Friday!

We are pleased to announce the publication of Is This the End?--a brief musical for Good Friday.

Normally we do not publish a new work until it has been at least rehearsed and, preferably, performed. But considering the alarming proximity of Easter weekend this year, we wanted to get this out immediately, and into the hands of those who would like to perform it this year. This project is indeed in rehearsal, but even we have begun before the script was completed. Only now do we have the finished script in hand.

Because of this foreshortened process we are doing something else out of the ordinary for us. The script just published is designated "Version 1.0". After we have rehearsed and performed it this year, we will upload a more polished final version.

Remember, this musical is for Good Friday; it doesn't include the unbridled joy of Resurrection morning. Its focus is the cross--not the empty tomb. That will come on Sunday.

To read more about this new musical and download the script, go here.

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