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Regarding (the absence of) New Scripts

Some visitors who frequent this web site may wonder why new plays, musicals, etc., are not published on a more regular basis. The answer is simple when one understands the original purpose of not only this site (His Company drama), but our devotional site, as well.

From their inception in the 1990s, the purpose of our web sites has been to offer the public a place to acquire for their own use—and always for free—our plays and devotional publications. We do not write to distribute, but distribute what has been written. Put another way, we write what the Lord has called us to write, not to fill a self-imposed quota for the web site.

As you can read at our About Us page, before anything else we are servants of our Savior. We do—whatever it is—what He calls us to do. Sometimes this takes the form of a compelling passion, based on the gifts with which He has endowed us. This is seen in our weekly devotional, Reflections by the Pond. In that case, we write because we have to write—because we would be miserable if we didn't. We are called to do that.

The calling is different with our drama scripts. Here we are not compelled to write on a regular basis; that is, we are not miserable when not writing drama. Our drama scripts are written and produced when we are commissioned to for a specific purpose—most often for our local church, but also for other churches or individuals. When the need arises we are pleased to fill that need using our gifts that belong to the Lord. Then, once written and produced, the script is offered at this web site free of charge.

The plain truth of it is that lately the Lord has been requiring us more to write devotionals and teach His word, rather than write, produce and perform plays for the stage. Hence the addition of Bible study notes at our Devotional site, and the dearth of new scripts at this site.

We appreciate every one of the hundreds of thousands who have and continue to download our drama scripts. Be assured that if the Lord sends us a commission or changes our priorities all together, so as to produce more drama scripts, we will obey—and those new scripts will be offered here. In the meantime, everything we have written remains available for your use.


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