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Why We Do Not Use (and do not like to hear used) the Word "Skit"

Webster's defines a "skit" as "a short, comical theatrical sketch". We do not write "skits." Indeed, the word "skit" demeans every legitimate work of drama except those few pieces that actually fit the definition—physical or verbal slapstick performed for the quick and easy laugh.

Skits are what school children perform before their class after one quick, thrown-together rehearsal; skits are what Sunday School classes do as a fast read-through to illustrate a point. The "skit" mentality of performance (along with today's jaded concept of "volunteerism") represents everything we at His Company stand against. We stand for (and, yes, preach) the philosophy of excellence: turning in only our very best effort, because it is being done for the Lord.

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by Dr. Radut.