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Downloads: How do I download the PDF file, rather than open it in my browser?

When downloading PDF files, be sure to right-click on the Download link, then select the appropriate menu item from the pop-up menu. This will usually be something like "Save target as..." or "Save Link target as...". You will then be prompted to specify a file name and folder for saving the file to your hard drive.

Note: In some browsers it may show an incorrect file name for downloading--such as "pubdlcnt.php"--when you click on a thumbnail (image) link. If so, try clicking on the text link, rather than the image link. Or, it may work the other way around. Moral of the story: If one way doesn't work as expected, try the other.

You may also save a PDF file to disk after it has been opened for viewing in the browser by clicking on the "Save to disk" icon on the Acrobat toolbar displayed inside your browser window.

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