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Resources for Christmas 2011

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For Christmas this year our church is doing a cantata from 2005, Born a Savior, Born a King, by John Purifoy (Lorenz Publishing). There is nothing really wrong with the packaged narration, but I thought a more conversational approach would be better for our setting. So I have just finished writing the new narration and have submitted it to our director and pastor.

The new narration will, of course, be published here later, but if you have need of it for this year, just drop us a note and we'll send you a copy.

More Christmas Resources

Regrettably it is too late for us to be recommending any of our larger productions for this season, so let's focus on the shorter pieces that can either be inserted into larger productions, or stand on their own when something smaller is preferred.

Three Men and a Baby

This popular short sketch takes a fun, gently-comedic look at the Bethlehem shepherds. They have just heard the announcement from the angel, and are on their way to find the Christ child. They are befuddled—and just a little argumentative.

This sketch is easy to produce and is perfect for a light-hearted moment in a Christmas cantata or Sunday worship.

Link: Three Men and a Baby

The Light

The Light is a humorous Christmas sketch about the wise men. We happen upon them in the middle of their long journey—only to discover that not one of them falls into the neat, plastic category assigned them in our popular versions of the nativity. They are men of three distinct personalities—of which none is particularly agreeable. They have not yet completed their quest, so are not sure what lies at its end. They are opinionated, short-tempered, and badly in need of a referee.

This humorous sketch makes an excellent addition to any Christmas musical or longer play.

Link: The Light

The Table Inside the Tree

Joseph and his young wife are on the road from Nazareth down to Bethlehem. They have been traveling with the security and help of an organized caravan. But a few miles back the caravan and the couple parted company, and now they are on their own. During a pause in their journey Mary and Joseph discuss faith, trust, and whether anyone will even notice that "just another Jew" has been born. In the His Company tradition, The Table Inside the Tree is a quietly moving character piece that will stand on its own, or as part of a larger Christmas production.

Link: The Table Inside the Tree

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