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This is our site for Christian Drama. You are also invited to our site for devotionals and Bible Studies. There you may read and/or download our weekly Reflections by the Pond and access our Archives of over twenty-five years of devotional resources.
All free to download and use without cost.

Did you know...?

We offer A Calling to the Stage, a book for those involved in Christian drama—be they directors of an independent group, an actor in the local church, or the music minister who seasonally directs actors in his or her musicals. This free how-to manual is published in two editions—one for the director and one for the actor. Each may be printed for your use, but with the new, interactive Table of Contents and Index (clickable references), the book becomes even more useful as an in-computer reference, as well.

Please check out this invaluable resource for church drama at A Calling to the Stage.

Resources for Christmas 2011

News You Can Use

For Christmas this year our church is doing a cantata from 2005, Born a Savior, Born a King, by John Purifoy (Lorenz Publishing). There is nothing really wrong with the packaged narration, but I thought a more conversational approach would be better for our setting. So I have just finished writing the new narration and have submitted it to our director and pastor.

The new narration will, of course, be published here later, but if you have need of it for this year, just drop us a note and we'll send you a copy.

More Christmas Resources

Regrettably it is too late for us to be recommending any of our larger productions for this season, so let's focus on the shorter pieces that can...

It's here! The new edition of our Book

new book cover
We are pleased to announce publication of a new, updated edition of our popular book on Christian drama, A Calling to the Stage: Performing with Excellence for the Lord. Both versions--for the director and actor--are now available.

Even if you already have a copy of the first edition of this guide to producing Christian drama, you will want to download this updated and expanded second edition.

A New Version of Who do you say that I Am?


When we go into production on one of our scripts, an improved script is very often the result. Over the course of rehearsals for our recent production of Who do you say that I Am?...

Coming soon! A New Edition of Our Book

new book cover
We are putting the finishing touches on a second, updated edition of our book on Christian drama, A Calling to the Stage, and will be publishing it very soon.

For the last year we have been working to improve this popular volume. In addition to updating timely information for the past-paced, fast-evolving world in which we live, this second edition has been edited to...

Costuming Who do you say that I Am?

With each play we perform, I try to add a few new costume pieces. This adds variety, flexibility, and greater dimension to the characters. For Who do you say that I Am?, Shara is Syrian, so we wanted more of an Arabic look to her costume. Hananiah is a money-changer at the temple, so more of a distinguished look was in order. Erastus is a gardener, so it's down and dirty for him.

Shorter Pieces for Easter Week

At this writing (end of February), it is getting too close to the wire to begin work on a larger production for Easter. But there is still time to find something smaller—perhaps to illustrate a message, or to add into a larger production already in rehearsals. Here are some suggestions...


If you would like something with teeth in it, our three-character sketch, Blinders, is just the ticket. This sketch imagines a moment in which...

In Production


Linda and I are currently in rehearsals for our church's Good Friday service. We are presenting (with the help of a brave, inexperienced brother from the congregation) Who do you say that I Am?, a 30-minute one-act I wrote in the early 90s.

Who do you say that I Am? takes place in the Garden of Gethsemane, just moments after Jesus is arrested. The three characters—


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