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None of That Matters

5-8 minutes / 2 characters

Time: Today
Place: Anywhere


Mr. Smith is at the end of his rope. An inveterate gambler and drunk, he is now out of money and out of hope. An incorrigible reprobate, he has reduced his wife and kids to a state of poverty. He is at his end. There is now nothing left for him. Mr. Smith is approached by a woman he believes to be an enforcer for the man to whom he owes more money than he can ever repay. Miss Jones is a stern and unflinching presence—but she is not there to punish Mr. Smith, but to offer him a hope and future far more valuable to him than anything he can imagine.

None of That Matters is a modern fable about God's grace. Whatever we have done, no matter what or who we are, no matter what we might do tomorrow, His grace is sufficient. This sketch was commissioned by the pastor to illustrate his Sunday morning message on Romans 4:1-12, but it will work just as well for any occasion in which the concept of God’s grace, through Christ, needs to be illustrated.

Set, Props
In keeping with most His Company scripts, None of That Matters is highly portable, requiring no set, or props beyond the checkbook carried by Miss Jones.

Mr. Smith: Daniel Smith, a reprobate.
Miss Jones: a representative of billionaire Silas T. Worthington.
[Note: The second character in this sketch could easily be played by a man.]

Wardrobe and Makeup
Miss Jones: a business suit
Mr. Smith: rumpled, perhaps torn clothes (e.g., jeans, sweatshirt). He should have a growth of unkempt beard, and it helps to redden his eyes—as if from either too little sleep, or too much alcohol.

None of That Matters Grace Forgiveness Mercy Drunk Gambler Reprobate Hit Man Hit Woman Romans 4 Rom. 4 Drinking Alcoholic

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