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A Practical Faith

5 minutes / 2 characters

Prisca has a problem. Already she is having to defend her Grampa Thomas against the accusations of others. Already he has been labeled "Doubting Thomas". But her Gramma Sarah, wife of the late apostle, knows that Jesus called human beings for disciples—not mindless puppets. Jesus wanted followers who were real. And He still does.


The first lesson is that God gave every person a mind of their own. Our heavenly Father is not interested in the blind praise and empty worship of puppets. He wants everyone to choose, to—desire a relationship with Him. And the second lesson is a result of the first: Since every person is left to make up their own mind, then not everyone will have the same kind of faith. Thomas had a more practical faith, and his questioning—his doubts—led him to a deeper, more vibrant faith than he had had before."
(from A Practical Faith).

Sarah (Mrs. Thomas; age 74)
Prisca (her granddaughter)

Production Notes
Sarah's grandchild could also be played by a boy; just change the name to Micah.

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