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Matthew, the disciple, addresses the audience as if they were guests for a banquet in his home:

"Miriam, more food for our guests! Joseph, was the lamb roasted to your liking? The honey sauce was made specially for you. And Ezrah, I know how you love the dates; my wife has prepared a bag of them for you to take with you. My friends and guests. You bring honor to this house by your presence."

Matthew has invited them all to bid them goodbye. He is off to serve Jesus:

"But now we must part. (raising his arms in protest) Please. I know; it's as much a shock to me as it is to you. But you see, this day I have made a new friend. This very morning I met Him and He has brought me wealth far surpassing what I have already. The riches He brings are difficult to bank—but easy to spend." (from Profit)

The riches Jesus has to offer far surpass anything of this world.


The Matthew of this sketch is a gregarious, back-slapping host who isn't ashamed to admit wrong and confess a new direction for his life to his old friends. It is his way of witnessing.

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