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Sand Mountain

15 minutes / 2 characters

Reinhart and Jane, friends since childhood, have both come to their 20th High School reunion. Jane is now a businesswoman who has recently lost her job. She asks her old friend Reinhart to meet with her, to help her through this rough period. Reinhart is sympathetic to her plight, but wisely points out the dearth of spiritual values in her life.

JANE: So now I'm making a stupid mistake.
REINHART (emphatically): Yes. Somewhere along the line you cut out of your life your one hope. The one constant you could always reach out to--and you've forgotten how to stretch out your hand. Have you been so long at the top of the corporate ladder? Is God just a calculator that you pull out of your briefcase whenever you need a fast answer? He's waiting for you to be a real person again; just reach out to Him.

The play ends with Reinhart (optionally) singing His Eye is On the Sparrow to

Walking daily with God; when we've built a wall between us and God, and don't know what to do, just worship Him.

Jane (both in late 30's or early 40's)

Sand Mountain Jane Reinhart Platonic Friends Spiritually Dry Distant from God Wall Confession Lordship Class Reunion Bible Church Camp

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