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The Surrender

50 minutes / 11 characters

The Surrender is a "three-act" play in which there is the transfer of power from John the Baptist to Jesus, the Christ.

John was born to a woman beyond the years of childbearing and Jesus was born to a virgin; John was a man accustomed to the solitude of the desert and Jesus was lived in the village of Nazareth; John gave his life for Jesus and Jesus gave His life for our sins. The miraculous will of God was manifested in their lives to accomplish His plan for our salvation.

Jesus was sent by His heavenly Father to be light for a world darkened by sin. John the Baptist was sent by God to bear witness of this light and to proclaim His coming.

John's role was a difficult one which even he never fully understood. He stepped into a world wracked with political and religious upheaval to announce the coming of the long-awaited Messiah. But he also became a critical bridge from the adulterated laws of Moses to the saving grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Together they changed for all time the relationship people would have with God.

This play was originally staged in an abstract form, using no set or props, just actors working on a stage of various carpeted shapes. It would work well in-the-round. There are several places in the script where you will want to use a black-out for moving a character from one spot to another.


  • Narrator (in modern dress)
  • John the Baptist
  • Jesus
  • Mary (in late forties)
  • Satan (off-stage voice)
  • Bartholomew (Levite sent by Sanhedrin)
  • Timaeus (Levite sent by Sanhedrin)
  • Andrew (Disciple of John/Jesus)
  • John bar Zebedee (Disciple of John/Jesus)
  • Disciples #1 & #2

The Surrender Jesus John the Baptist Baptism Light Lamb of God Messiah Disciples Sanhedrin Mary Andrew Transfer of Power Ministry

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Plain Text for Review (1834)

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