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The Table Inside the Tree

8 minutes / 2 characters

Joseph and his young wife are on the road from Nazareth down to Bethlehem. They have been traveling with the security and help of an organized caravan. But a few miles back the caravan and the couple parted company, and now they are on their own. During a pause in their journey Mary and Joseph discuss faith, trust, and whether anyone will even notice that "just another Jew" has been born. In the His Company tradition, The Table Inside the Tree is a quietly moving character piece that will stand on its own, or as part of a larger Christmas production.

Trust in God; "Seeing is believing"

Production Notes
The Table Inside the Tree is a versatile sketch that can stand alone—as an illustration in support of a pastor's message, choir anthem, or special music—or be integrated into a larger Christmas musical or play. If the latter, see as well our scripts The Light (magi), and Three Men and a Baby (shepherds).

A set would be okay, but is not necessary.

This sketch uses just a few props—the few belongings Mary and Joseph would have with them for their travels—and does not require an elaborate set. As with most His Company scripts, authentically attired, believable characters are more important—and more effective—than any accouterments.


Joseph Mary Christmas Sketch Nativity Pregnant Bethlehem Nazareth Road Trust Faith Belief Believe God

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Plain Text for Review (1430)

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