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There is the Joy

6 minutes / 2 characters

There is the Joy is a brief sketch for a Palm Sunday service. It was commissioned to accompany a message on Matthew 21:1-11. As with most of our plays, it requires no set or props—except something on which the two characters can sit. Considering his advanced years, you might also wish to give the old man a walking stick.

This sketch is a simple, two-person dialogue between an old man and his (adult) daughter. It is from them that the disciples obtained the donkey and colt for Jesus. They then watch as the procession enters the city.

Ultimate joy—and salvation—is to be found in the person of Christ.

Production Notes
The director should give close attention to the direction from which Jesus' procession will enter, and the path it will take in front of the characters. There is, of course, no literal procession; all the audience sees are the old man and his daughter. But it is important that the two characters are always looking in the same direction when referencing Jesus and the other people.

Ideally, Jesus will approach from either stage left or stage right, down and in front of the stage. So the two characters should be looking at the same spot when He first approaches. Then, during the sketch, Jesus will pass in front of the stage—perhaps the line of sight might be just over the heads of the audience. In any case, the two characters must always appear to be looking at the same thing—in the same place—to make the audience believe.

A very old man
His adult daughter

No set is required, other than something for the two characters to sit on as they watch (and comment on) the procession.

A walking stick for the old man.

Their dress should reflect their poverty.

Palm Sunday Procession Joy Salvation Jesus Donkey Colt Jerusalem Fool Elijah John the Baptist King Savior Hosanna Save Us

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