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Three Men and a Baby

3 minutes / 3 characters

This popular short sketch takes a fun, gently-comedic look at the Bethlehem shepherds. They have just heard the announcement from the angel, and are on their way to find the Christ child. They are befuddled—and just a little argumentative.

This sketch is easy to produce and is perfect for a light-hearted moment in a Christmas cantata or Sunday worship.

When using this to flesh-out a larger production, consider also our scripts The Light (magi), and The Table Inside the Tree (Mary & Joseph).

Three shepherds of any (but preferably mixed) age.

No set or props are required—although standard shepherd props would be appropriate.

Three Men and a Baby Christmas Shepherds Bethlehem Baby Angels Christ Child Sheep

PDF for Production (12136)
Plain Text for Review (3278)

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