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The Train

5 minutes / 4 characters

One of His Company's most popular scripts, The Train is a fable about stewardship. In it three passengers who are more accustomed to receiving pampered treatment find that they are expected to contribute their talents toward the "family" traveling together on the train.

This is a popular sketch with audiences—and pastors. It delivers a simple, direct message on stewardship—be it stewardship of our time, money or talents.

This sketch works best when it is played a bit "campy," with broadly drawn characters.

Stewardship; Family of God

Mrs. Shipley (middle-aged)
Miss Newelpost (younger)
Mr. Periwinkle (middle-aged)
Conductor (middle-aged)

3 chairs, arranged with 2 on one side and 1 on the other with an "aisle" between.

A business card for Mr. Periwinkle
"Brochure" and small (pocket) notebook for the Conductor

Given the resources or unlimited budget, the dialogue and mannerisms of this sketch lend themselves to Victorian dress. But modern dress works well, too.

The Train Stewardship Family of God Father Holy Spirit Helping each Other Gifts Talents Giving Snobbery

PDF for Production (7121)
Plain Text for Review (2209)

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