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Two Blocks Down, Then Take a Left: a Fable

5 minutes / 2 characters

The Time: Yesterday
The Place: Just inside the Pearly Gates

The wife of the disciple James (the lesser) inquires as to the address of her previously deceased husband. Expecting him to be as anonymous in heaven as he was on earth, she is surprised to find he is, instead, one of heaven's leading citizens.

Not everyone in the Book of Life is a star. The ranks of those who have served the Lord are made up of the anonymous as well as the famous. And the Father has a very special love for those who keep plugging when no one notices their labors.

ANGEL: James didn't receive much glory while he was on earth?
WOMAN: Glory? They forgot he existed!
ANGEL (leaning forward): God didn't. (pause) And now James has been paid in full. He now has all the glory that others received while they were on earth. The difference is, their glory came from men; James' glory is from the Father--in person.
(from Two Blocks Down...)

Wife of James

Small table and stool
Very large, impressive book

Two Blocks Down, Then Take a Left: a Fable Angel Heaven James Book Gifts Service Servanthood Belief Eternity

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