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Vision Beyond the Eyes

4 minutes / 2 characters

Jesus said, "Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed."
On the road out of Jerusalem, Nathanael meets a pilgrim seeking Jesus. She doesn't know Jesus has already returned to the Father. What she also doesn't know is that the gift she seeks is already within her: Faith without seeing.

Blind faith

The disciple, Nathanael
Blind woman
Note: Technically, in this time and place, it would have been unseemly for a man to have a conversation with a non-family woman in this way (which is why Jesus speaking with the woman at the well was so scandalous). But the disciple sketches were originally written for the His Company actors—some of which were women!
If you wish, the second character could just as easily be played by a man.

Walking stick and water bag for Nathanael
"Blind stick" for woman

Vision Beyond the Eyes Nathanael Blind Woman Faith Without Seeing Road Traveling Disappointment Jesus Healing Sight

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